Memorial Day is upon us, and that means the kids will be out of school and needing something to keep them busy. Here are some fun ideas that your kids can partake in to celebrate the Holiday.

1) Send a Letter to Soldiers Overseas
Sending a letter, or even just a drawn picture from your little one is a wonderful way to show appreciation to our lovely men and women overseas. Send them to your very own loved ones, or find a soldier through a nonprofit organization such as A Million Thanks or Any Soldier.

2) Face Painting
Little ones love nothing more than some fun face painting! You can have tons of fun with this, creating all kinds of Patriotic designs using red, white and blue, painting a small flag on the cheeks, or even some stars all around the face in all three colors.

3) Patriotic Star Wreath
This can be fun for the kids in elementary school. All you need is:
– White paper plate
– Red and Blue paper
– Red, White, & Blue Ribbon
– Glue
– Scissors
– Satar cut out

Get the simple directions here !

4) Go to a Parade
Parades are the thing of the day for Memorial Day! Kids love parades, so find a local one in your area and take the family out to enjoy the festivities of the day.

5) Make some fun Patriotic Treats
Kids always want to help mom cook, and making some colorful treats for the holiday is a great way to get them involved!

There’s the lovely American Flag Cake. It’s fun and really simple for the kiddos to help with. Another favorite and fun one is Candy Flag Brownies for the chocolate lovers. Last, but definitely not least, is the Patriotic Rice Krispie Treats, in the shapes of stars. All of these are really fun and kids love to get involved because of the color schemes.

6) Tissue Paper Flowers and Juice Jar Vase
This is a fun craft for toddlers all the way up to school age. You get to make red, white and blue flowers with tissue paper to go in a colored vase. A nice twist to this is that it makes a nice gift, and it is something cool that you can give to a local veteran that you might know.

7) Go visit a Vet
What a great way to give back and teach children to be forever grateful to the people who have, or are fighting for our country. Find someone you know in your neighborhood who is a veteran, and take them some goodies or crafts that the kids made. You could also go to the VA hospital and do the same. Not only will the kids love this, but it will more than brighten the day of that veteran that you are going to visit.

Trying any, or all of the ideas mentioned above are guaranteed to make your kids smile, and remember what Memorial Day is all about!