With the advent of smartphones, people can easily take pictures and store thousands of pictures on their phones. It is easy to accumulate a lot of pictures of your children in a relatively short amount of time.  Here are some things you can do with pictures of your kids that you have on your phone.

Upload and Backup – NOW
One of the wisest things to do with pictures of your kids is to upload them onto other devices. Plug your phone into a computer to upload pictures.  Later, you can also save your pictures on storage devices such as flash drives. Uploading is the first thing that you should do because you may accidentally lose the pictures on your phone. For example, if you lose your phone without uploading pictures, you will physically lose those pictures forever if you don’t get your phone back. Also, with a slip of a finger, you may accidentally delete files on your phone, so it is wise to upload files from your phone before such a thing happens.  Put a reminder on your phone and computer calendars to upload (backup) your pictures every month from your phone onto another device.

Print Out
One of the big problems with images on our phones is that we forget we have them.  Printing out the images on our phones gives them new life and reminds you of why you took the picture in the first place.  You can print pictures right from your phone. These pictures can go anywhere—on a wall, on a table or wherever else. Sometimes, it’s nice to have physical copies of pictures hanging up and sitting around.  Now you can send your high-resolution phone images to photo-printing services online at places like Walgreens and CVS right from your phone and pick them up later.  These services let you print in a variety of sizes and on various mediums at very reasonable rates.  Other services, like Shutterfly, let you create books, calendars and other personalized printed items that let you showcase your best images and keep them visible for years to come.

Make a Collage
You can make a collage with the pictures that you have taken of your kids. Print out pictures in various sizes, cut them out and glue them onto a board or piece of oak tag. You can decorate this collage with sparkles, letters and various finishes that are matte or glossy. You can also make digital collages with software. For example, you can use photo-editing software to create a collage.

Edit the Pictures
With the help of photo-editing software, you can beautify pictures of children that you have taken on your phone. Some phones may have built-in functions that allow you to edit pictures to some extent or another. However, you can also get photo-editing software, like Photoshop and Gimp, that allow you to extensively edit pictures. You can change the shades and colorations. This software also allows you to crop, cut and paste things in a picture, turning out custom images that are outstanding!

Put Them on Social Media
Social media is a great place for your children’s pictures. Keeping friends and family updated on the latest happenings with our kids is a great way of sharing and staying connected.  Always use caution when posting pictures of your kids on social media and be sure to lock down your social media accounts to only your friends and family.  Instagram is one of the most efficient places to upload pictures because the platform is specifically meant for people to connect through their phones.

In conclusion, we take so many pictures of our kids with our phones, let’s get them off our phones and out in plain sight where we can enjoy them!!