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7 Easy Indoor Garden Activities for Kids

Indoor gardening with your children can be a great family activity to welcome the early spring weather.  Gardening can also be an engaging activity that can help to teach kids about plant life cycles and to introduce them to a few simple gardening skills. Besides, what kid doesn’t love playing in the dirt? We’ve created [...]

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20 Fun and Creative Indoor Activities for Kids

The weather outside isn’t great and your kids are getting cabin-fever from being stuck indoors. It feels like you’ve played every game in the house, and then some, but the kids are already complaining about being bored and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Not to worry! From kid crafts to forts and fun DIYs - [...]

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DIY Holiday Gifts and Keepsakes Kids Can Make

The holidays can be a stressful time, finding wholesome activities to do with your kids is a great way to relax and enjoy time together this holiday season. Let’s take a look at some fun and engaging holiday gifts and keepsakes that kids can make with their parents. Pom-Pom Bookmarks This one requires scissors, so [...]

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4 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations for Kids

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here! Whenever someone brings up Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. However, Thanksgiving is more than just the food. It’s a time for family and friends to come together and be thankful for what they have. And what [...]

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DIY Kids Halloween Party Ideas

It's simple to throw a Halloween party your kids' friends will be talking about for weeks, without spending a lot of money. A trip to your local dollar store or party supply website will get you a cart full of DIY goodies and activities for a reasonable budget. Enlist Helpers - To make the party [...]

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Ideas of What to Do with All Your Kid’s Pictures on Your Phone

With the advent of smartphones, people can easily take pictures and store thousands of pictures on their phones. It is easy to accumulate a lot of pictures of your children in a relatively short amount of time.  Here are some things you can do with pictures of your kids that you have on your phone. [...]

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Free Printable First Day of School Signs

It’s back to school time again! These free printable first day of school signs are a great way to help commemorate your child’s first day of school when taking that all-important traditional picture the morning of the first day! Kid to Kid Bel Air First Day of School Sign Coloring Page Help your child create their [...]

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Getting Ready for Summer Camp with Kid to Kid Bel Air

Summer camp is right around the corner!  It’s time to start thinking about what to pack for your child’s summer adventure! We’ve compiled a general list of the basics every kid should bring to summer camp.  Be sure to check with your child’s summer camp for any other items they may need to bring. [...]

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Memorial Day Kids Crafts

Memorial Day is upon us, and that means the kids will be out of school and needing something to keep them busy. Here are some fun ideas that your kids can partake in to celebrate the Holiday. 1) Send a Letter to Soldiers Overseas Sending a letter, or even just a drawn picture from [...]

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