The weather outside isn’t great and your kids are getting cabin-fever from being stuck indoors. It feels like you’ve played every game in the house, and then some, but the kids are already complaining about being bored and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Not to worry! From kid crafts to forts and fun DIYs – we made a list of some fun and creative indoor activities to help your kids stay active and entertained when the weather keeps them from being able to play outside.


  1. Make an indoor scavenger hunt. Get Ideas
  2. Have a fun fashion show. Get Ideas
  3. Hold a family Olympics. Get Ideas
  4. Learn to bake or cook something new and easy. Get Ideas
  5. Make a bowling game out of recycled bottles and a soccer ball. Get Ideas
  6. Build a fort to watch a movie or read a book in. Get Ideas
  7. Conduct a science experiment. Get Ideas
  8. Make cardboard tube creatures. Get Ideas
  9. Make a collage out of old magazine clippings. Get Ideas
  10. Learn how to fold origami. Get Ideas
  11. Hold a family art show complete with beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and light music. Get Ideas
  12. Teach a pet a new trick. Get Ideas
  13. Have a family talent show. Get Ideas
  14. Make an obstacle course. Get Ideas
  15. Create a city of boxes and make a movie of your kids destroying it like Godzilla.
  16. Hold a paper airplane competition. Get Ideas
  17. Have an indoor snowball fight using balled up socks or paper. Get Ideas
  18. Play team-building games. Get Ideas
  19. Make a “box of mystery” and see if your kids can figure out what is hiding in the box just by using your sense of touch. Get Ideas
  20. Make Marshmallow Catapults. Get Ideas


Have another great indoor boredom busting activity?  Let us know in the comments!